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Naolinco trip on the Pearl from Foxy on Vimeo.

Its a sweet ride…Hope ya don’t get sick



Thanks Trish. GOD Help us.


I ran accross a blog the other day called “Get rich Slowly” and they ran this article. I was wondering, are ya’ll changing your driving Habits? I know I have! and I live in Mexico! The gas has always been more expensive here, but not anymore. I remember living in Cd. Juarez back in 99′ talking to a Mexican friend there.

“I’m going to El Paso for gas. ya wanna come”?

“DoWhat”? “Why”?

“It’s Cheaper, Man”.

well, that is happening in reverse now. even still, gas is pretty dang expensive here. So when we move to our new City of Xalapa, Vera Cruz, one of the first things we did was buy a scooter. yes, a scooter. Now, for those of you who know me, know that I am not exactally a scooter guy. I am now! at 60 miles per gallon $2.00 to fill up every other week, I love the One Eyed Jack. Now, rain or shine, I am riding the one eyed jack everywhere that does not need a full family outing (we have three kids) Just the other day i took my wife out on a date with the “Jack”. It was awesome. I am curious. Have the High gas prices driven YOU to change the way you travel about town? what do you do different now? Please write me and let me know! I am really interested! Thanks,


Alright ya’ll,
I was reading Lifehacker the other day and they had an article about shaping up. So I am starting a 100 Push ups in 6 weeks Challenge, tonight. I am looking at strengthning my upper body and loose a few pounds. Soooooooo we’ll see how I do. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on how it is going. LORD help me.


Ha! I had to laugh when I read this and this.

I Can’t stand them,Their burnt Coffee, their high prices or their goddess. VIVA Maxwell House!


Hijole! This is Awesome…I’m gonna try this at the Office!


How To Build A Mentos And Diet Coke Booby Trap