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Moving Day! Came and went….

Well, here I sit in our big chair writing ya’ll from our living room in Monterrey. We had already lined up moving company and had everything ready to go, sitting in the living room waiting on them. I decided to call them to see if they were lost or whatnot, and they told me “No, we wont be coming.” WHaaaaaaat!? “yea, the truck broke down and we wont be able to move you.” They never called us. they had NO INTENTION of calling us. So, we have contacted another mover who is a friend of our Pastor Carlos Astorga and we will be moving on this Friday. For those of you who pray, Please Pray, that all of our stuff would arrive in Great condition, that they WOULD COME, That there would be no Problems, That all of our stuff would fit in the truck, Safey for us on the trip, and that my head would not explode.

Thank yall & GOD Bless yall,

The Foxes


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