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I got a Scooter! It is soooooooo Coool! I think. Iam Still waiting for it to come in. They are very Popular here in Xalapa! I am Expecting BIG savings on GAS. Please Pray for my Safety! I Have Named it BlackJack.



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The Ugly Mug!

Holy Cow! I Know these guys! I went to Church with them way back in the day! Here is an interview of them in the New York Times. Check it out. Support em if ya can.


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Just another Sunday…

Wow. I am in Awe. I am sitting here writing to ya’ll from Xalapa, Vera Cruz
fianally. its about 11:00 at night and 78 degrees outside. We have had a wonderful Sunday at our new Church (IBUC- Iglesia Biblica Unidos en Cristo/United in Christ Bible Church). they have welcomed us into the church like part of the family. Today after Church, Don Sergio Villa and his Wife Dona Eda, took us to eat trucha (trout) in his town called Coatepec.
The trout was awesome, the fellowship, the place, the macao ( a fruit drink), everything. afterwards, we went for an ice cream (which is famous in Xalapa), went shopping for some bread, and then we returned to the house. I had no Idea it was a camera day so i didn’t take it. My mistake. but when we got home I took a coupe of picts. of the kids and how wiped out they were. A perfect end to a perfect day.


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