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Coffee @ the House…

Well, its no secret that we love Coffee at the house. My wife didnt like it very much at first but she came around after a while. Now that she’s Pregnant with # 3, she cain’t hardly stand it. Anyway, I thought I would show ya’ll our coffee makers. Here they are, in all their glory (with one on the stove cookin).

coffee-time-baby-002.jpg “Coffee Glory”
When we first got here to Monterrey, we bought a brand new Coffee maker in Texas. 50 someodd dollar piece a crap that didn’t work for only ’bout three months! (we have always had bad luck with coffee maker in the past). As I was cussin that dang Electric coffee maker, my eyes fell on a gool ol’ friend that I had forgotten, that my wife had turned into a flower pot for the Kitchen. I call him: Ol’ Faithful.

coffee-time-baby-004.jpg “Ol’Faithful & Ol’ Blue”
Thats right baby, he’s a good ol’ fashioned, beat up, chiped up, porcline blue, cowboy coffee makin sonofagun. He’ been with me for at least, the past 10 yrs, and has brewed many a campfire cup-a-joe. Anyway, out came the flowers and in went the coffee and we have been drinkin it thattaway ever since. Now, Ol’ Faithful dont make very much coffee, so we bought a twin called Ol’ Blue (he’s cookin Coffee on the stove, thus he’s not in the picture). but still when you have Mission teams at your house every summer for breakfeast, even they can’t keep up. So, this Christmas, my mom & dad decided to buy us OL’ HOSS. Thats right.

coffee-time-baby-006.jpg “OL’ HOSS”
OL’ HOSS holds up to 38 cups of fire brewed joe in one cookin. yes, I said fire brewed. No more of that Electric made coffee (unless he’s made from down below). anyone out there that likes it tongue blisterin hot? Boiling? Oh yea. He’s from Cabelas and is just waitin to cook some up. I cain’t hardly wait myself. Now, there is one more worth mentionin. We call him El Rayito.

coffee-time-baby-008.jpg “El Rayito”
Now, El Rayito, he’s the Fastest Coffee maker in Mexico. He’s the only electric coffee maker I like. The coffee he makes is dang HOT and dang FAST! Burnt my tongue many a times with his coffee. Anyway, he was a SWEET gift from my mother in law and he cooks! the only problem is he’s an Ol’ fart (60’s I think), and his wires arent quiet what they used to be. They up and burned one day. so we are gonna fix him soon. So, if ya come and visit us someday, I guarentee that ya’ll will see one of these sweet daddies in action.



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